Service improvement

Service improvement is a key area of expertise for us.

Although it sounds simple (i.e., someone has a good idea of what – and how – to improve), it really isn’t.  We provide a Service Improvement Plan containing all relevant information for any particular improvement initiative. 




areas we cover

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Process & systems

We develop from scratch to solve difficult problems, especailly the sustainablity problem. The process provides problem solvers with a " fill in the blanks" frameowrk that makes work much more focused and effiecent.

The areas covered:

  • work flow
  • product flow
  • customer satisfaction
  • cost effiency

Systematic Evaluation

We review and assess policies, programmes and other operational options. Evaluation services provides qualitative and quantitative evaluation models to support robust decision making for any organisation.

The areas covered:

  • Review policies
  • Programme evaluation
  • Measure preformance
  • Monitoring workforce

Our evaluation models enhance and improve quality, these are:

  • Lean Thinking
  • Logic Model
  • Results Based Accountability (RBA)
  • Agile model

Quality Assurance

After setting organisational benchmarks to measure quality, cost and value its important to introduce a system that organically has 'checks and balances' inplace.

The areas covered:

  • Developing indicators
  • Healthcare Audits - Unit Standard 8086
  • Customer survey's


Mental Health in the Workplace: Mental Health Foundation New Zealand.

The Like Minds, Like Mine Employer Tool Kit project to reduce discrimination in the workplace, and provide employers education and training in regards to best practice of Human Resources. The project had been stalled at the discussion phase with little capacity to address the issues and time running out.

  • We were able to complete the design and development of the Employer Tool Kit
  • Identify and broker customer for the Employer Toolkit
  • Test the market with the Employer Toolkit across seven government ministries
  • Negotiated agreement with State Services Commission for Employer Toolkit to be made available across public services
  • Project completed on time and within budget