Coaching & Mentoring

Professional coaching is an opportunity for people to review and challenge their current practice. 

They receive a customised program to meet their needs with an emphasis on integrating personal values and beliefs into their professional practice in order to become leaders within their own lives.

Participants learn through their practical day to day experiences on how to assist their organisation, colleagues, teams, family and themselves by achieving their potential through leadership, personal excellence and advanced behavioural modelling.


The coaching sessions include (but not limited to) coaching in the areas of:


Leadership development

Strategic development

Performance / people management

    Professional development

    Specific project, objectives or issues


    Dr Janelle Sinclair

    Janelle attended a business coaching with clear ideas of what she business was going to be, she just needed the stepping stones to actualise it.  At the completion of coaching her business ' Conscious Health'  exceeded her expectations and the following was achieved: 

    • Business plan
    • Brand and Marketing plan
    • Facilitating workshops and seminars
    • Appearing on Radio
    • Meeting predicted revenue
    • Built confidence in her area of expertise and as a business women