project management 

With over 30 + years managing projects we have learnt from all the pitfalls a project can throw at you, no matter the size.

We design and deliver projects to be agile while keeping the project focused on the desired outcome/s is paramount.  

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Type of project services we provide

Project Design

Know what you want and even want to do it yourself just need a hand to get to the starting blocks 

Project Implementation

Your project is complex and requires a senior level of management for it to be successful 

Project Evaluation

Do you need a second opinion on what is happening for your project

    Project leadership development

    Are you staff new to project management and need support and coaching 

    Project Transition / Change Management

    Change impacts on multifaceted systems which we are experts at understanding  

    Communication and clarity

    Communication and clarity are vital to any successful project which is why we ask the hard questions ensuring our clients are clear about what it they want to achieve.

    The transition from the old to the new requires careful management to achieve any projects long-term profitability and sustainable change. We offer learning opportunities for leaders or team members in project methodology and the stages of transition throughout any project. We are particularly good at getting projects back on track. 

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      Ministry of Social Development

      The project was part of the Ministry of Social Development's, ' Building an Effective Children’s Team Workforce' . This entailed the designing, development and delivery of training material aim to build the capability within the workforce across 10 sites in New Zealand.  The transformational change model was used ensuring the long term sustainable outcomes of the children’s team approach. 

      • Developed national training material in partnership

      • Delivered training to sites across New Zealand

      • Delivered  individual 12 moth Workforce Development Plans for the 10 sites