About us

We have 30+ years working in Business Development and Service Improvement with companies just like yours.

Our biggest passion is building and improving our clients business, whether that's increasing their profit margin or improving their business outcomes.


Who are we?

After 30 years in the industry nothing suprises us.

  • We continue to find a raft of solutions regardless on the client's culture and capabilities.
  • We like to get to the nitty gritty, some say the 'root cause' with open and honest communication then applying sustainable systemic solutions
  • We operate with high levels of trust to find the solutions in complex environments. 
  • We work with a variety of businesses throughout New Zealand.


our clients

Business and Services we work with:

  • Health and Disabilities 
  • Maori /iwi Health and Social Service
  • Community Social Services and Support 
  • Excavation industry 
  • Manufacturing industry 
  • Engineering industry  
  • Agriculture industry 

our people


We have access to a number of highly experienced and qualified specialist allowing flexibility to our clients needs.

This diversity increases our ability to respond to the specific requirements of each client. The specialist areas cover:

Project Managers

Data Analysts

Health and Safety

Human Resources

We work with each client to ascertain their specific requirements before any other specialist is introduced to the piece of work. 



Director and Business Development

I have over 30 years’ experience working in the public and private sector with a particular passion in full proofing systems with practical solutions. I am very aware of the pitfalls experienced with limited budgets, workforce shortages and time restrictions.  This passion has lead me to work closely with senior managers ranging from large scale public sector entities to one man bands by being able to translate and implement strategic goals and programmes into the day to day operational working of any business.

I like to think I go the extra mile with my clients providing them with coaching along the way. This is extremely rewarding, with developing our thinking, skills and increases satisfaction both professionally and personally.

Professional Memberships:  

  • Member of the New Zealand Institute of Management
  • Associate Member – Institute of Directors (NZ)
  • Member of The Paediatric Society of New Zealand

Mentor / Volunteer

  • Business New Zealand Mentor
  • Ministry of Social Development Capability Mentor