Business Development

Avoid the rumble, fumble, stumble of business.

We have a broad range of experience to build capabilities which deliver immediate and long-term business imperatives for any organisation.


areas we cover


Aligning organisational values to the environment and market place

Strategy development

Value Stream Mapping

Transitional change

Leadership and Execution planning

Business plans

Change readiness

Review and design operational efficiencies


Other services

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We provide monthly workshops for small to medium sized business or managers wanting professional development opportunities. The workshops provide you with skills and knowledge through working with others in similar situations and being guided to individual solutions for your business. Contact us to see when the next workshop is on in your area on 027 856 9206.

  • Business Planning - the A,B,C's
  • Improving Business Processes and Systems
  • Managing the Workforce Effectively
  • What Is Good Governance
  • Leadership / Management Styles

Some of these Workshops/coaching has qualified for the NZTE Capability Development Voucher Scheme. Please enter your voucher details when making your booking. We will verify your voucher with the Issuing Regional Partner before confirming your place on the workshop.

Organisational Wellness checks

For good businesses to succeed allocating time to reflect on progress is 'a must', We have developed several quick Organisational Wellness Checks to assist you to better gauge what is supporting your growth and what maybe hindering progress. Chose anyone from the following list:

  • Goverance Wellness Check
  • Business Development Wellness Check
  • Operational Management Wellness Check
  • Finanical Viability and Sustainablity Wellness Check
  • Service Improvement Wellness Check
  • Workforce Wellness Check
  • Project Managemnet Wellness Check
  • Business and Leasderhsip Coaching Wellness Check



Te Korowai Hauora o Hauraki, Mental Health and Addiction Service (MHAS)

The service delivered a Kaupapa Maori model of care and incorporated the following services. ICAMHS, MHAS and AOD. Due to limited capacity and tight timeframes additional resources were required for a national health standards audit, leading and supporting staff, management and operational oversight of the service and increase collaboration with external stakeholders.

Over the four months the following was achieved:

  • Realigned the contracts with the deliverables
  • Human Resources
  • Prepared and past national audit
  • Introduced systems and processes
  • Increased collaboration within the community